International Marbles & Granites



 From the beginning of time, stone has been a  part of man's greatest architectural accomplishments. These stone structures have endured the test of time through centuries until present time. Some of these hand-molded structures have nowadays become artistic and historic masterpieces.


  Ever since it was founded, Euroferman has met the demands of a changing market and a variety of cultures, adjusting to any important project at any time.

    At present, Spain has become a whole culture in the world of natural stone, and it is considered a rich source of natural marble, granite and limestone; a land of constrasts. It is a country with a solid industry, innovative technology, hard-working and honorable people. All of this contributes to a strong basis for a future growth.


  Our company's philosophy consists of dealing directly with each customer, assisting them in each moment and guiding them with their market needs. We offer the highest degree of confidence in their projects.


EUROFERMAN has experienced a great growth in exports thanks to its extensive range of products, a large selection of finishings, superior quality and, most of all, the service that we offer as well as the arrangement of the transportation of the goods..

  Euroferman has well over 200 different types of materials of the greatest quality which meet all the market necessities.

    Euroferman has as well a large selection of top-quality marbles and granites along with a great capacity of industrial and handcraft transformation.


   We are confident in offering you the best guarantee of service and invite you to look throughout our website and get to know our products.

Fernando Brufal
Managing Director